About Our Company
Find out more about overview facility management and our inventory tracking heritage
Overview Facility Management was established by listening to the feedback of transportation, retail, and restaurant chains nationwide. Each organization has a way to track facility information, but often it is not consistent and only meets the needs of one department. Typically it is contained on a well-designed spreadsheet that is only accessible and interpreted by its original author. Thus the benefit to the whole department or organization is limited. By establishing an environment of collaboration from the local level up to the corporate level, better information can be captured and analyzed. This website was designed to provide that platform. While sticking to our core business, we have taken that feedback to produce a cloud based solution to assist. Here is why it is needed and how this provides the solution.

The first challenge is clearly identifying facilities. Some companies have explained that they do not even have all facilities identified nationwide. Common questions are: What buildings do we have, where, what size, what age…then more questions come…what are we responsible for, who do we contact, where is the lease?

The second task is to know what exists in each facility. Here the list is nearly endless: HVAC equipment, mechanical systems, roofing, lighting, and the infinite list of finishes. How can we track that and put it all in a format that can be updated at any level in the organization?

Then comes the condition of each item in the facility. When was it installed, last maintained, what is the current life expectancy, what is the energy efficiency, and so on…What does it look like? What vintage is the location? When will replacement or remodel be needed?

Overview Facility Management puts an end to all the questions by providing the answers. All locations identified, equipment model and serial numbers saved, uploaded pictures of equipment and finishes, and much more all available on your computer or tablet. Collecting this data allows for all aspects of the facility to be analyzed and future costs forecast. It also provides data for maintenance and repair services in advance, thus allowing for more timely repairs and less costs.

There are several ways to capture the information, from rapid assessments to progressive compilations. Please contact us today for more information. We look forward to assisting you with your facility tracking needs.