Guesstimations Are Going Extinct
Track all your facilities, equipment, and assets from the convenience of the cloud
Asset & Equipment Management
Overview Facility Management is your solution for tracking your assets and equipment. Buildings, stores, restaurants, yards, warehouses...whatever the location, whatever is inside of it and outside of it, if you own it, this site will track it! For all types of businesses, this website allows you to itemize and catalog all of your facilities. Collaboration is made easy with all the details of the equipment and pictures saved on the cloud. It easily allows your company to move beyond boring individual spreadsheets and into a robust system showing pictures of assets, and accessible by various levels of management within your company.
With a broad range of yards, terminals, and facilities needed to keep people and product moving across the continent it can be a challenge to keep it all organized. Overview Facility Management provides a platform to consolidate all locations and equipment. By itemizing and cataloging what is in each building you can plan for upcoming repairs and capital expenses. Mechanical equipment, HVAC equipment, and lighting can be identified for energy savings opportunities as well.
Keeping a consistent experience at all your store locations is essential for brand recognition and customer satisfaction. Though standard specifications are implemented for all stores, tracking the differences between each facility will help give a better understanding of what you have at each location. Keeping good record of the makes and models of the equipment you own and having pictures uploaded to this site may help expedite any repairs that may be needed. Overview Facility Management provides the ability to help organize and keep track of each location so you can plan for upcoming repairs, refreshes, and other capital projects.
Brand recognition is important to your customers. Each restaurant has its own features that keeps the location unique. Overview Facility Management provides the tool to track and report what is at each restaurant, the front and back of the house. This can help plan for upcoming renovations and keep kitchen equipment operating at peak performance. Keeping record of makes models of the equipment you own and having pictures uploaded to this website may also be beneficial for any repairs that may be needed.